Juliana Bueno Soler

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Ítala D'Ottaviano
Setembro, 2014 to Agosto, 2018

Born in 1976 in Botucatu, São Paulo, Juliana Bueno-Soler Studied at UNESP
(São Paulo State University), where she graduated in 2000 in Mathematics.

In 2004 she got a Master´s degree in Philosophy (Logic). at the Department of Philosophy- IFCH, State University of Campinas- UNICAMP, at Campinas, SP, Brazil, in the topic of Algebraizations of Logics, supervised by Prof. Marcelo E. Coniglio.

During her master degree she stayed for 6 months at the CLC- Center for Logic and Computation (CLC), Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon (Portugal),
co-supervised by Prof. Carlos Caleiro.

Her Master dissertation rendered two papers:

``Possible-translations algebraization for paraconsistent logics''
published in the Bulletin of the Section of Logic, co-authored by Walter
A. Carnielli


``Possible-translations algebraizability'' published in the Handbook of
Paraconsistency (co-authored by Walter A. Carnielli and Marcelo E. Coniglio).

She stayed during 6 months in 2008 at the University of Luxembourg (Faculty
of Sciences, Technology and Communication
) co-supervised by Prof. Leon Van der Torre.

She received a Ph.D. degree in 2009 by the State University of Campinas - UNICAMP (PhilosophyLogic) under the supervision of Prof. Itala M. L. D'Ottaviano in the topic of Modal Logic.

Her Ph.D. thesis (in Portuguese) was ``Multimodalidades Anódicas e Catódicas: a Negação Controlada em Lógicas Multimodais e seu Poder Expressivo'' (English title: ``PAnodic adn Cathodic Multimodalities: Controled Negation in Multimodal Logics and their Expressive Power'').

The following papers resulted from her Ph.D. thesis:

Juliana Bueno-Soler. Two semantical approaches for cathodic logics.
CLE e-Prints Vol. 9(6), 2009.

Juliana Bueno-Soler. Completeness and incompleteness for anodic modal logics.
CLE e-Prints Vol. 9(5), 2009.


- Articles

1. Juliana Bueno-Soler, Walter A. Carnielli. Marcelo. E. Coniglio.
Possible-translations algebraizability. In: J.-Y. Béziau, W.A. Carnielli,
D. Gabbay. (Org.). Handbook of Paraconsistency. College
Publications, London, p. 321-340, 2007.

Pre-print available from the CLC Server, Lisbon [link to PDF]

2. Juliana Bueno-Soler, Walter A. Carnielli. Possible-translations
for paraconsistent logics. Bulletin of the Section of Logic,
v. 34, n. 2, p. 77-92, 2005.

Pre-print available from CLE e-Prints Vol. 5(6), 2005 [link to PDF]

- Abstracts

1. Extensões modais das lógicas mbC e Ci. V Simpósio Internacional
Principia, v. ´unico. p. 110, Florianópolis, SC, 2007.

2. Perspectives on algebraizing logics. XVI Encontro Brasileiro de Lógica,
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6. Semântica Algébrica de Traduções Possíveis: um enfoque categorial.
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8. A Aritmética e a indecidibilidade, publicado no livro de resumos XII
Congresso de Iniciação Científica, 2000.

9. Funções recursivas e números de Gödel, publicado no livro de resumos
XI Congresso de Iniciação Científica, 1999.
- Collaboration in publishing books

Translator (from Italian into ENglish) and editor assistant for
"Modalities and Multimodalitties" (W. A. Carnielli and C. Pizz, Springer,
in print) (inserir a capa do livro aqui, veja o anexo 'capa')

Research project

*Ph.D. project*

``Anodic and Cathodic multimodalities: controlling negation in multimodal


The present work aims to investigate the role of negations in the scope
of modalities and the reasoning expressed by modalities. The investigation
starts from what we call anodic" modalities (without any form of negation)
and then gradually the cathodic" elements (negations) are introduced by
means of combinations of modal logics with certain paraconsistent logics
known as logics of formal inconsistency (LFIs).

We obtain completeness results for all systems treated here, and also
show that certain incompleteness results can be obtained. The class of the
investigated systems includes all normal modal logics, that are extended by
means of the schema Gk,l,m,n due to E. J. Lemmon and D. Scott combined
with LFIs. We also tackle the question of obtaining possible-translations
semantics for these systems. Analogous results are analyzed in the scope of
multimodalities, where anodic as much as cathodic logics are studied.

Tableaux-proof methods for certain classes of logics extended with the
scheme Gk,l,m,n are also treated, and some polynomial ring calculus to the
same systems are also proposed.

Finally, we advance a critical evaluation of the reach and scope of all the
results obtained to what concerns expressibility of reasoning considered to
be sensible to negation. 
Participation in projects

1. ConsRel: Logical Consequence and Combinations of Logics - fundaments
and Efficient Applications FAPESP Project Number: 2004/14107-2

2. Group for Applied and Theoretical Logic: CNPq Research Group certified by UNICAMP

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