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Trends in Logic XVI: Consistency, Contradiction, Paraconsistency and Reasoning - 40 years of CLE

The event is organized by the Centre for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science- CLE and by the Brazilian Logic Society in co-operation with Studia Logica.

The conference is centered around the areas of logic, epistemology, philosophy and history of science, while bringing together scholars in the fields of philosophy, logic, mathematics, and computer science and other disciplines who have contributed significantly to what Studia Logica is today and to what CLE has achieved in its four decades of existence. It intends to celebrate CLE's strong influence in Brazil and Latin America and the tradition of investigating formal methods inspired in, and devoted to, philosophical views, as well as philosophical problems approached by means of formal methods.

The conference will include lectures by distinguished scholars as well as contributions from the community. A special volume of "Studia Logic" is planned to be edited with a selection of the papers presented.