Entrevista do Prof. Walter Carnielli ao “The Reasoner”

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Interview with Walter Carnielli

ZW: How did you get started in logic?

WC: In the beginning of high school, I had a young teacher who was doing his PhD in logic. One day it was raining heav- ily and only a few kids came to class. I asked him to explain to us in two sentences what a “PhD thesis” was. He explained his work on induction, with a few examples. I don’t think the other students were paying any attention, but I found it aston- ishing how one could dominate the infinite, proving things that I thought would take an eternity, just with a few steps! I asked for more, and he and the physics teacher gave me some combinatorial problems to work. We’d previously had- some lectures on very elemen- tary logic—truth-tables, simple arguments and the like—and I found it very impressive how combinatorics and logic had similar methods. At the same time we had a lot of geometry drawing, solving problems with lines, planes, triangles, etc.

Read the complete interview at: http://www.kent.ac.uk/secl/philosophy/jw/TheReasoner/vol7/TheReasoner-7(11).pdf