Revista Manuscrito: Volume 23, número 2 - outubro de 2000

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Revista Manuscrito: Volume 23, número 2 - outubro de 2000

Número especial sobre Husserl

Jocelyn Benoist

Husserl entre Brentano et Bolzano: jugement et proposition

Jairo José da Silva

The Many Senses of Completeness

Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

The Structure of Husserl’s Prolegomena

Claire Ortiz Hill

Husserl, Frege and ‘The Paradox’

Dermot Moran

Husserl’s Critique of Brentano in the Logical Investigations

Carlos Alberto R. de Moura

Sensibilidade e Entendimento na Fenomenologia

Nythamar Fernandes de Oliveira

Philosophia Semper Reformanda: Husserlian Theses on Constitution

Barry Smith

Logic and Formal Ontology

Antonia Soulez

Comment saisir une relation d’impossibilité? Deux solutions pour un même problème d’intuition (Wittgenstein et Husserl)

Book Reviews Jairo José da Silva, Husserl or Frege? Meaning, Objectivity and Mathematics (Claire Ortiz Hill & Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock) Allan Casebier, Introduction to Phenomenology (Dermot Moran)

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