Revista Manuscrito: Volume 28, número 2 - julho a dezembro de 2005

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Revista Manuscrito: Volume 28, número 2 - julho a dezembro de 2005

Logic and Philosophy of the Formal Sciences A Festschrift for Itala M. Loffredo D’Ottaviano

Rodolfo Ertola Biraben

On the Mathematics of Logic and the Logic of Mathematics

Oswaldo Chateaubriand

Platonism in Mathematics

Marcelo Coniglio

Towards a Stronger Notion of Translation between Logics

Newton da Costa, Otávio Bueno & Steven French

A Coherence Theory of Truth

Jairo José da Silva

A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Concept of Set

Valéria de Paiva & Luiz Carlos Pereira

A Short Note on Intuitionistic Propositional Logic with Multiple Conclusions

Carlos di Prisco

Are we Closer to a Solution of the Continuum Problem?

Hércules de A. Feitosa & Frank Thomas Sautter, Modulated Logic

Modal Logic and Translations between Logics

Maria E. Gonzales, Mariana Broens, Willem Haselager & Ettore Bresciani

Self-Organization and Life: a systemic approach

Zeljko Loparic

A Fabricação dos Humanos

Edgard G.K. Lopez-Escobar

Set Theories as Extensions of Propositional Logics

Francisco Miraglia & Hugo Mariano

Logic, Partial Orders and Topology

Daniele Mundici

Decidability and Gödel Incompleteness in AF C*-Algebras

Alfredo Pereira Jr. & Roberson Saraiva Polli

Trapped Ion Quantum Computing and the Principles of Logia

Marta Sagastume

Bounded Commutative B-C-K Logic and Lukasiewicz Logics

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