Revista Manuscrito: Volume 33, número 1 - janeiro a junho de 2010

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Revista Manuscrito: Volume 33, número 1 - janeiro a junho de 2010

Décio Krause & Otávio Bueno

Filosofia da física quântica: a título de prefácio

Guido Bacciagaluppi

Colapse theories as beable theories

J. Acacio de Barros, Patrick Suppes

Probabilistic inequalities and upper probabilities in quantum mechanical entanglement

Michel Bitbol

Facts and time in quantum mechanics: a study in phenomenology and pragmatics

Newton C. A. da Costa, Décio Krause & Otávio Bueno

Issues in the foundations of science, i: languages, structures, and models

Richard Dawid

Marginalisation of the phenomena and the limits of scientific knowledge in high energy physics

Graciela Domenech, Christian de Ronde

Non-individuality in the formal structure of quantum mechanics

Nick Huggett, Tiziana Vistarini

Entanglement exchange and bohmian mechanics

Patrícia Kauark-Leit

Transcendental philosophy and quantum physics

Décio Krause & Otávio Bueno

Ontological issues in quantum theory

Peter J. Lewis

Probability in everettian quantum mechanics

Olimpia Lombardi

The central role of the hamiltonian in quantum mechanics: decoherence and interpretarion

Osvaldo Pessoa Jr.

Bell's theorem and the counterfactual definition of locality

Miklós Rédei

Kolmogorovian censorship hypothesis for general quantum probability theories

Jonas R. B. Arenhart

A natureza ama esconder-se? ensaio sobre "€œnature loves to hi"e”

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