III World Congress on Paraconsistency

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III World Congress on Paraconsistency - July 28-31, 2003


Paraconsistent logics are logics which allow to deal with contradictions, or to put it in a more technical manner, with contradictory yet non-tivial theories The subject is a mathematical field surrounded by philosophical discussions and with technological applications.

Following the WCP1 organized in Ghent (Belgium, 1997)

and the WCP2 organized in Juquehy (Brazil, 2000)

the WCP3 will take place in Toulouse (France, 2003).

The organization of WCP3 in France celebrates the collaboration between a French mathematician, Marcel Guillaume, and the originator of paraconsistent logic, the Brazilian logician Newton da Costa. Guillaume helped to disseminate da Costa's work, presenting it to the famous Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences de Paris at the beginning of the sixties. During more than ten years da Costa and his collaborators have published numerous notes on the advancement of their work in this prestigious scientific journal. Nowadays a new generation of researchers in France and in several other locations is interested in paraconsistent logic, working in particular on its applications to computer science and artificial intelligence.