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  • Review of "Le Carré Chrysippeen des Modalités" J. Vuillemin, Dialectica, 1983, v. 37, n.4, 235-247 ( MR85d\#03042)
  • Review of "Logical Aspects of Combinatorial Duality" T. A.McKee, Cannadian Mathematical Bulletin , 1984, v. 27, n.2, 251-256 ( MR85e\#03026)
  • Review of "An Extendend Joint-Consistency Theorem for a Family of Free Modal Logics with Equality" R. D. Lumb, The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 1984, v. 49, n.1, 174-183 ( MR86a\#03016)
  • Review of " Hauptsatz for Higher-Order Modal Logic" H. Ishimura, The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 1983, v. 48, n.3, 744-751 ( MR86a\#03063)
  • Review of "On Metalogic and Three-Valued Logic" A. Alvarez-Ude, E. Jaime, Teorema, 1983, v. 13, n.1-2, 225-260 (MR86i\#03031)
  • Review of "Quelques Foncteurs Faussement Primitifs en Logique Deontique (Trivalence et Action)" P. Pailache, Logique et Analyse- Nouvelle Serie , 1984, v. 27, n.108, 393-405 (MR86j\#03010)
  • Review of "Logica Paraconsistente: Una Introduzione" N. Grana, Loffredo Editore, Napolis, 1985 (MR86k\#03012)
  • Review of "Modal Set Theory" J. Krajicek, Seminarberichte 60, Humboldt-Universitaet Berlin, 1984, 87-99 (MR86m\#03085)
  • Review of "1-Consistency and the Diamond" G. Boolos Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 1985, v. 26, n.4 341-347 (MR87b\#03134)
  • Review of "A Descending Chain of Incomplete Extensions of Implicational S5" D. Ulrich, Zeit. f. math. Logic u. Grundl. Mathematik, 1985, v. 31, n.3 201-208 (MR87d\#03054)
  • Review of "Symmetric Designs with Parameters (49,16,5)T. Koelmel, Ars Combinatoria 1986, v. 21, n.1, 19-27 (MR87g\#05035)
  • Review of "A Routley-Meyer Semantics for Converse Ackermann Property" J. M. Mendez, Journal of Philos. Logic 1985, v. 16, n.1, 65-76 (MR88c\#03027)
  • Review of "A Conceptual Approach to the Cartesian and Distributive Propositional Calculi" S. Ghilardi, G.C. Meloni, Science and Philosophy, Ed. Garzanti, Milano, 1985, 446-467 (MR88f\#03057)
  • Review of "On a General Theory of Properties Based oin Type-Free Iterated Comprehension Schemes" A. Cantini, Proceed. on the Conferences on Mathematical Logic-Padova and Siena, Univ. of Siena, 1985, 53-57 (MR88m\#03089)
  • Review of "On Undecidability of Weakened Kruskal Theorems" M. Loebl, J. Matousek, Logic and ombinatorics, Contemporary Mathematics 65, American Mathematical Society ( MR89b\#03099)
  • Review of "Three- Valued Logic: an Introduction, a Comparison of Various Logical Lexica and ome Philosophical Remarks" H. Hodes, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 1989, 45, n.2, 99-145
  • Review of "Many-Valued Logic in Statu Nascendi" G. N. Offenberger, Teoria, Logica e Filosofia el Linguaggio , 1989 (MR91g\#03003)
  • Review of "Truth and Modality for Knowledge Representation" R. Turner, Pitman Publ. Ltd., 1990 ( MR91g\#03047)
  • Review of "Fundamentos de Lógica Deôntica" , N. C. A. da Costa, Bol. da Soc. Par. de atemática, 1990 ( MR92a\#03021)
  • Review of "Matrix Logic- A Probe into a Unified Theory of Mind and Matter" , A. Stern, North-Holland, 1992 ( MR93e\#030009)
  • Review of "Conditional Inference and Logic for Intelligent Systems- a Theory of Measure-Free Conditioning", I. R. Goodman, H. T Nguyen, E. A. Walker, North-Holland, 1991 (MR93j\#03015)
  • Review of "The Bounds of Logic- A generalized Viewpoint", Gila Sher, MIT Press, 1991 (R94g\#03014)
  • Review of "What is a Logical System?", ed. Dov M. Gabbay, Oxford Science Publications, Clarendon Press-Oxford, 1994 (to appear in Mathematical Reviews)