Monday, July 28th

9h00 – 10h00 Registration

10h00-10h30 Opening session
Inauguration of Poster session

Coffee break / Registration

Morning Session, Chair: Meyer

11h10 – 11h50 Batens

12h00- 12h20 Paoli
12h20 – 12h40 McGinnis
12h40 – 13h00 Waragai

Lunch break

Afternoon Session, Chair: Marcos

14h30-15h10 Mortensen

15h15-15h35 Dutilh-Novaes
15h35-15h55 Sarenac
15h55-16-15 Libert

Coffee break

16h45-18h45 Round Table, Chair: Priest
Philosophy of paraconsistency: are there true contradictions?
Bueno – Bobenrieth – T.Pequeno - Slater

Tuesday, July 29th

Morning Session, Chair: Carnielli

9h00 – 9h40 Avron

9h45-10h05 Meheus
10h05-10h25 Moretti
10h25- 10h45 Gentilini

Coffee break

11h10 – 11h30 Vasconez
11h30 – 11h50 Lukowski

12h30 Welcome Apéritif at Toulouse City Hall

Wednesday, July 30th

1st Morning Session, Chair: T.Pequeno

9h00 – 9h40 Meyer

9h45-10h05 Riche
10h05-10h25 J.Malinowski
10h25- 10h45 Martins

Coffee break

2nd Morning Session, Chair: Perzanowski

11h10 – 11h30 De Clercq
11h30 – 11h50 Konieczny

12h00 - 12h20 Ausin
12h20 – 12h40 Buchsbaum
12h40 – 13h00 Bremer

Lunch break

Afternoon Session, Chair: Coniglio

14h30-15h10 Miller

15h15-15h35 Faust
15h35-15h55 Vanackere
15h55-16-15 Michael

Coffee break

16h45-18h30 Round Table, Chair: Caleiro
Paraconsistent logic and computer science
Alcantara – Besnard – Mascellani

19h30 Banquet flottant

Thursday, July 31th

1st Morning Session, Chair: Béziau

9h00 – 9h40 Priest

9h45-10h05 Wong
10h05-10h25 Provijn
10h25- 10h45 Castro

Coffee break

2nd Morning Session, Chair: Avron

11h10 – 11h30 Caleiro
11h30 – 11h50 Coniglio

12h00 - 12h20 Villadsen
12h20 – 12h40 Sierra
12h40 – 13h00 Urchs

Lunch break

Afternoon Session, Chair: Batens

14h30-14h50 Guillaume
14h50-15h10 Perzanowski

15h15-15h35 Brady
15h35-15h55 Haesaert
15h55-16-15 Konikowska

Coffee break

16h45-18h20 Round Table, Chair: Sarenac
Systems of paraconsistent logic: state of the art
Béziau - Carnielli - Marcos

18h30-19h00 Closing session

19h00 Farewell apéritif