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Manuscript is an international journal that publishes articles on a wide spectrum of philosophical topics, especially in the areas of History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Formal Sciences, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind. The journal does not privilege any particular philosophical approach; rather, its purpose is to reflect the progress of philosophy as a whole, and to contribute to the exchange of ideas and arguments between different contemporary schools of thought. Manuscript primarily publishes original articles on relevant issues in the international panorama of philosophy. However, the magazine has a section reserved for critical reviews of selected books, as well as particularly important articles. As Manuscript aims to increase international philosophical dialogue, contributions from all over the world will be welcomed and considered.

Submitted articles must be in English. (Source: SciELO).

Frequency The publication Manuscrito - Revista Internacional de Filosofia is published quarterly.

Qualis CAPES Stratum (2013-2016)

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