Profa. Dra. Itala D'Ottaviano
Charles Sanders Peirce introduced the method of truth tables in 1885, in his paper “On the algebra of logic: a contribution to the philosophy of notation”, decades before Russell and Wittgenstein.
In a manuscript in his known Logic Notebook (1865-1909), dated February 23, 1909, and unpublished until 1966, Peirce presented in matrix form the logical basis for a three-valued propositional system, anticipating by more than ten years the many-valued systems introduced in 1920 by Ján Łukasiewicz, and Emil Post in 1921.
In this presentation, we will analyze this manuscript, in the context of Peirce’s intellectual production, making claims about his pioneerism in the usage of concepts of contemporary logic and in the usage of truth tables, and placing him among the forerunners of non-classical logics in general, in particular many-valued, intuitionistic and paraconsistent logics, introduced in the 20th century.
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