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Vol. 54 - Dimensions of Logical Concepts Dimensions of Logical Concepts
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Coleção CLE: Vol. 54
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Dimensions of Logical Concepts
Edited by Jean-Yves Béziau and Alexandre Costa-Leite

Parte I - Philosophical
Mark Jago, Rethinking epistemic logic
Jean-Louis Hudry, Kripke's mathematical theory of truth
Mark Weinstein, A metamathematical model of emerging truth
Hartley Slater, A poor concept script
Michael Groneberg, Logic is tripartite: A defence of non-bivalence

Part II - Foundational and Historical
Anne-Françoise Schmid, Sur la controverse entre Henri Poincaré et Bertrand Russell
Timm Lampert, Undecidability reconsidered
Emilio Diaz-Estévez, Another paradox: 100 years later
Raja Natarajan, Yet another proof of Cantor's theorem
Maria Manzano & Enrique Alonso, Magical diagonalisation
Katarzyna Gan-Krzywoszy?ska, Change, development and progress: Suszko's study in
dynamics of scientific theories
11 Catálogo de Publicações ? 2009 ? Coleção CLE

Part III - Abstract and Mathematical
Walter Carnielli, Formal polynomials and the laws of form
Richard Zuber, An algebraic characterization of logical quantifiers
Domenico Lenzi, A prime ideal free proof of the embedding theorem of implication algebras into boolean algebrasGemma
Robles & Jose M Mendez, On defining constructive negation in logics of entailment
Lília Ramalho Martins & Ana Teresa Martins Normalizable natural deduction system for complete classical S4
Jorgen Villadsen, Infinite-valued propositional type theory for semantics
Angel Nepomuceno-Fernandez, Tableaux for n-logical consequence
Fernando Soler-Toscano


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