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Revista Manuscrito: Volume 22, número 2 - outubro de 1999

Revista Manuscrito: Volume 22, número 2 - outubro de 1999

(Número especial dedicado a Oswaldo Chateaubriand)

Jean-Yves Béziau - Ruth Barcan Marcus Est-Elle la Mère du Fils de Wittgenstein? (Considérations Existentialistes Sur la Formule de Barcan)

Harvey R. Brown & Oliver Pooley - The Problem of Induction from the Perspective of Physics

Otávio Bueno & Steven French - Infestation or Pest Control: The Introduction of Group Theory into Quantum Mechanics

Walter A. Carnielli & Marcelo E. Coniglio - A Categorical Approach to the Semantics of Possible-Translations

Abel L. Casanave - La Concepción de Demostración de Oswaldo Chateubriand

John Corcoran - Critical Thinking and Pedagogical License

Itala M.L. D’Ottaviano & Hercules Feitosa - Conservative Translations and Model-Theoretic Translations

Richard L. Epstein - The Metaphysical Basis of Logic

Edward H. Hauesler & Luiz Carlos P.D. Pereira - The Rules-as-Types Interpretations of Schröder-Heister’s Extension of Natural Deduction

Hugh Lacey - Science and Values (2)

E.G.K. López-Escobar & Francisco Miraglia - Intuitionistic Equivalence

Charles Marks - Bréhier and the Cartesian Circle

Claudio Pizzi - Contingency Logics and Propositional Quantification

John F. Post - Is Supervenience Asymmetric?

Marco Ruffino - Foot’s Doctrine of Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives

Jairo J. da Silva - Husserl’s Conception of Logic

Danilo M. de Souza Filho - A Relevância da Discussão Cética sobre a Natureza do Signo

Richard Vallée - Plural Sentences and Semantic Ambiguity

Daniel Vanderveken - Speech Act Theory and Universal Grammar

Paulo A.S. Veloso - On ‘Almost All’ and some Presuppositions

Arno A. Viero - Lógica, Linguagem e Filosofia

George Weaver & David Lippel - Amorphous Models

Michael B. Wrigley - A Note on Wittgenstein, Real Numbers and Metaphilosophy