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Revista Manuscrito: Volume 31, número 1 - janeiro a junho de 2008

Revista Manuscrito: Volume 31, número 1 - janeiro a junho de 2008

Abel Lassalle Casanave - Entre la Retórica y la Dialéctica

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Dialectical Rhetoric : Response to ABEL Lassalle Casanave

André Porto - Formalization and Infinity

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Proof and Infinity: Response to ANDRÉ Porto

Danielle Macbeth - The Truths of Logic and Logical Truth

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Logical Truth and Logical States of Affairs: Response to DANIELLE Macbeth

Dirk Greimann - Multiplying Entities without Necessity: what does ?necessity? mean in this context?

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Multiplying Entities: Response to DIRK Greimann

E. G. K. López-Escobar - Chateaubriand on Propositional Logic

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Propositional Logic: Response to KEN López-Escobar

Frank Thomas Sautter - Chateaubriand on the Nature of Language

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - The Nature of Language: Response to FRANK Thomas Sautter

Guido Imaguire - Ockham?s Razor and Chateaubriand?s Goatee

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Explanatory Reduction: Response to GUIDO Imaguire

Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock - Chateaubriand on Logical Truth and Second-order Logic: Reflections on some Issues of ?Logical Forms II?

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Logical Truth and Second-Order Logic: Response to GUILLERMO Rosado-Haddock

Jairo José da Silva - On Proofs in Mathematics

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Proof in Mathematics: Response to JAIRO José da Silva

Javier Legris - Chateaubriand on Symbolism and Logical Form

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Symbolism and Logical Form: Response to JAVIER Legris

John Corcoran - Meanings of Form

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Logical Forms and Logical Form: Response to JOHN Corcoran

José Seoane - Elucidando el Concepto de Demostración. Observaciones sobre Chateaubriand

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Proof and Explication: Response to JOSÉ Seoane

Marco Ruffino - Chateaubriand?s Senses

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Senses: Response to MARCO Ruffino

Mark Wilson - Which Came First: the Logic or the Math?

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Mathematics and Logic: Response to MARK Wilson

Norma B. Goethe - Revisiting the question about formal proof: philosophical theory, history, and mathematical practice

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Proof and Practice: Response to NORMA Goethe

Oscar M. Esquisabel - Lenguaje, Lógica y Ontología en la Perspectiva de Oswaldo Chateaubriand

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Language, Logic, and Ontology: Response to OSCAR Esquisabel

Otávio Bueno - Truth and Proof

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Agnostic Nominalism: Response to OTÁVIO Bueno

Paul Gochet - Chateaubriand on the Productivity of Language

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - The Productivity of Language: Response to PAUL Gochet

Paul Horwich - Explaining Intentionality

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Deflationism: Response to PAUL Horwich

Richard Vallée - Learning ?Big?

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Properties and Truth: Response to RICHARD Vallée

Walter Carnielli - The Tyranny of Knowledge

OSWALDO Chateaubriand - Knowledge and Justification: Response to WALTER Carnielli