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Revista Manuscrito: Volume 34, número 1 - janeiro a junho de 2011

Revista Manuscrito: Volume 34, número 1 - janeiro a junho de 2011

Artibano MICALI - Newton da Costa e a escola de Curitiba

Evandro AGAZZI - One reason, several logics

Valentin A. BAZHANOV - The dawn of paraconsistency: Russia?s logical thought in the turn of XX century

Manuela BUSANICHE and Roberto CIGNOLI - Remarks on an algebraic semantics for paraconsistent Nelson's logic

Gregory CHAITIN - The search for the Perfect Language

Antonio M. N. COELHO - Da Costa on ontology: a naturalistic interpretation

Newton C. A. DA COSTA and Otávio BUENO - Remarks on abstract Galois theory

Mauro DORATO - Truth, laws and the progress of science

Michael GHINS - Models, truth and realism: assessing Bas Fraasen's views on scientific representation

Francicleber M. FERREIRA and Ana T. MARTINS - Expressiveness and definability in circumscription

David MILLER - Truths ancient and modern

Jesús MOSTERÍN - The role of consistency in empirical science

Hans-Jörg RHEINBERGER - Consistency from the perspective of an experimental systems approach to the sciences and their epistemic objects

Daniel VANDERVEKEN - Formal semantics for propositional attitudes

Paul WEINGARTNER - Matrix-based logic for avoiding paradoxes and its paraconsistent alternative