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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • A contribuição é original e inédita, e não está sendo avaliada para publicação por outra revista; caso contrário, deve-se justificar em "Comentários ao editor".
  • O arquivo da submissão está em formato Microsoft Word, OpenOffice ou RTF.
  • URLs para as referências foram informadas quando possível.
  • O texto está em espaço simples; usa uma fonte de 12-pontos; emprega itálico em vez de sublinhado (exceto em endereços URL); as figuras e tabelas estão inseridas no texto, não no final do documento na forma de anexos.
  • O texto segue os padrões de estilo e requisitos bibliográficos descritos em Diretrizes para Autores, na página Sobre a Revista.
  • Em caso de submissão a uma seção com avaliação pelos pares (ex.: artigos), as instruções disponíveis em Assegurando a avaliação pelos pares cega foram seguidas.

Author Guidelines

I. What can be published at CLE e-Prints

Articles submitted for publication in CLE e-Prints must contain original research in the areas of Logic, Epistemology and History of Science and are published under recommendation of the Editor or from any member of the Editorial Board, to whom contributions should be submitted. Specific norms may apply to different areas. 

CLE e-Prints is also, since 2022, accepting submissions in the area o Metaphysics. Please send submission im Methaphysics to the Auxuliary Managing Editors.

All contributions are pre-publications of papers that the author(s) have submitted or will submit for publication elsewhere.

Submissions, preferably in Latex format, should be sent to the Managing Editor at Authors of papers accepted by CLE e-Prints implicitly grant to CLE–UNICAMP a consent to publish and to sell and to exchange the resulting printed volumes under the usual conditions of all CLE publications.

CLE e-Prints are published in Portuguese, Spanish or English in paper format (ISSN 1519-9614) and in electronic format (ISSN 1519-9681). Electronic forms are stored and free downloadable from this site and printed copies may be ordered from CLE - Publications at

II. Copyright policy for material published at CLE e-Prints

Several academic publishers have adopted new policies that specifically permit authors of papers published by them to leave their papers on preprint servers after publication. On the other hand, some few academic publishers do not accept papers which have previously appeared in electronic form, unless the versions differ sufficiently. Authors of CLE e-Prints retain copyrights of their contribution, and it is the author’s responsibility to sign a “consent to publish” with their academic publisher and/or to transfer copyright of their work if required (notice that “consent to publish” and “copyright transfer” are not the same legal act).

III. Reciprocity policy for material published at CLE e-Prints

As a reciprocal to the fact that authors retain copyrights of their contribution, all papers originally published in CLE e-Prints should contain in the final published version the full indication of a pre-publication, for example, in the form:

“A previous version of this paper appeared at CLE e-Prints, Vol. 1(1), 2001 (Section Logic),”.

Authors are also requested to send to CLE e-Prints the publication details of their papers upon regular publication (in journals, collections, books, etc).

IV. Update versions of material published at CLE e-Prints

Although the version sent to CLE e-Prints should be considered stable, authors are allowed to update and to make corrections in their papers, by sending a new submission for a corrected paper or for an erratum. These new versions or errata will not be printed or distributed in paper format, and will not replace the original one. All versions will be archived with date stamps and will be kept eletronically available.

V. Originality and plagiarism protection

The fact that publications in CLE e-Prints are sufficiently permanent and stable, as well as catalogued (respectively, in paper format as ISSN 1519-9614 and in electronic format a ISSN 1519-9681) make them copyright protected under most legislation. In this sense, CLE e-Prints offers a service to the academic community by providing humanly selected, rapidly and widely distributed, reliable and protected scientific divulgation.



Privacy Statement

Os nomes e endereços informados nesta revista serão usados exclusivamente para os serviços prestados por esta publicação, não sendo disponibilizados para outras finalidades ou a terceiros.