Paraconsistent Belief Revision based on a formal consistency operator

  • Rafael R. Testa
  • Marcelo E. Coniglio
  • Márcio M. Ribeiro


In this paper two systems of AGM-like Paraconsistent Belief Revision are overviewed, both defined over Logics of Formal Inconsistency (LFIs) due to the possibility of defining a formal consistencyoperator within these logics. 

The AGM° system is strongly based on this operator and internalize the notion of formal consistency in the explicit constructions and postulates. Alternatively, the AGMp system uses the AGM-compliance ofLFIs and thus assumes a wider notion of paraconsistency – not necessarily related to the notion of formal consistency.

Keywords: Paraconsistent Belief Revision,paraconsistency, logics of formal inconsistency, contradiction, AGM-compliance.