Walter Carnielli

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Walter Carnielli is Full Professor of Logic at the University of Campinas (Unicamp), and served as director of CLE for several years, serving as well as editor and member of editorial boards of major journals. With relevant contributions on both technical results and philosophical aspects of logic, Carnielli is one of the pioneers of the Brazilian School of Paraconsistent Logic. He was also president of the Brazilian Society of Logic for two terms and founded the ANPOF Logic Work Group. Carnielli published several books in the field of Computability, Logic and Philosophy of Logic, as well as books for the general public. Grantee of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Carnielli received national and international awards, such as the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science Gold Medal for 2013 and third place in the 2007 Premio Jabuti, in Exact Sciences, Technology and Information. In 2019 he received the CAPES Prize for the best PhD Thesis in Philosophy, together with his student Bruno Mendonça. Carnielli has interests in the area of Artificial Intelligence and rationality, and is currently Vice-President of the Advanced Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) and president of the Scientific Council of the Modal Institute (Brasilia).