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Trends in Logic XVI

Studia Logica International Conference

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Invited Speakers

Jacek Malinowski (Warsaw)
Studia Logica -past, present and future

Marcelo Finger (São Paulo)
Quantitative logic reasoning

Marco Panza (Paris and Orange, USA)
The logicality of Frege's definition of real numbers

Décio Krause (Florianópolis)
Entanglement vs. Contradictions, or why neither Schrodinger's cat is simultaneously alive and dead, nor a particle can be in two different places at once

Dov Gabbay (London)
Internet talk

Marco Ruffino (Campinas)
Superficially and deeply contingent a priori truths”s

Daniele Mundici (Florence)
Consistency and inconsistency in probability theory

Wagner de Campos Sanz (Goiânia)
Proof-theoretic semantics and the semantical principle of CUT