Call for Papers

XIII EBL - Brazilian Logic Conference
Campinas, SP
May 26 – 30, 2003

The "XIII Brazilian Logic Conference" (XIII EBL) will be held from May 26th to 30th 2003 in Campinas, SP, Brazil as a companion event to “CLE 25 Years”, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the foundation of CLE- UNCAMP, as well as the 25th anniversary of the EBL’s.

Contributions are welcome in all the areas comprehended in the “triangular region” whose vertices are
Logic, Philosophy and Computer Science, including the following specific topics:

- Philosophy of Logic.
- Philosophy of the Formal Sciences;
- Philosophy of Language;
- Proof Theory;
- Model Theory;
- Logics in Computer Science and AI;
- Logics in Linguistic;
- Paraconsistent Logics;
- Many-valued Logics;
- Paracomplete / Intuitionistic Logics;
- Modal Logics;
- Other logics.

Papers must be received by January 30th, 2003 by the Organizing Committee through the-mail <> or by post to :
C. P. 6133
Campinas, SP, Brazil

Instructions for Authors

· Papers can be submitted either in Portuguese, Spanish or English;

· Papers should contain between 3 and 10 pages, including, title, authors, affiliation, a short abstract
and references;
· Papers should be written preferably in Latex, or in Word if Latex is unavailable (accompanied by a DVI, PS or PDF format file).

All papers will be refereed and a decision about acceptance will be issued till February 25th, 2003.

Publication of Proceedings

Following the past meetings whose proceedings have been published as:

· “Logic, sets and information - Proceedings of the Tenth Brazilian Conference on Mathematical Logic”,Coleção CLE, 1995 (editores: Walter A. Carnielli e Luiz Carlos P. D. Pereira).

· “Advances in Contemporary Logic and Computer Science” (Proceedings from the Eleventh Brazilian Logic Conference on Mathematical Logic). American Mathematical Society, Series
Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 235, 1999 (editores: Walter A. Carnielli e Itala M. L. D'Ottaviano).

a selection of the best papers will be published in a special number of "COLEÇÃO CLE”.


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